Injured Pets Project
4200A Lafayette Center Dr | Chantilly, VA 20151 | 703-376-8804

About the Injured Pet Project

Based out of Chantilly, Virginia, Animal Orthocare, LLC is a small but dedicated team of hard-working individuals who are consistently driving towards their goal of helping animals. From cats and dogs to turtles and toucans, no project goes unfinished once begun.

For ten years, we've relied on our traditional, home-brewed method of creating mobility devices which involved vacuum-forming and hand-moulding of limbs. Now, with the addition of 3D printing, we are able to create more unique designs and tend to a much wider variety of animals.

How you can make a difference

Until now, Animal Orthocare, LLC has been able to do pretty much everything on our own. From designing our current process to researching enhanced materials. We currently lead the industry of animal braces and prosthetics. For a decade, we've maintained a steady upwards trend in improving our design capabilities. Current technology has provided us with an opportunity to quicken the fabrication process, in turn, allowing us to see more patients. Now, we need your help.

With the introduction of 3D technology, a new door has been revealed to us; through which, we will be able to see a much broader range of patients. The possibilities with 3D printing are limitless. Unfortunately, the price of such technology is currently above what we can afford on our own.

With your donations, we will be able to invest in the next generation of design technology. We invite you to follow us on our journey to change the lives of countless animals. You can do so by checking us out on Facebook, where we constantly make new posts of our patients before and after they receive their devices. We cannot thank you all enough for donating.

Our Team

Derrick Campana
Director of Orthotics

Jen Reitz
Laboratory Manager

David Schilpp
Director of Technology